Frequently asked Questions

If you have any organizational questions regarding the courses, please contact the secretariat.

If you are interested in writing your thesis in the near future, please send your application (including application form, curriculum vitae, certificate of performance and, if applicable an exposé) to the secretariat or turn the documents in during the office hours. Applications for a thesis in the winter term (summer term) can be submitted between 01.08 and 31.08 (01.03 and 31.03). The offered topics will be published or updated a few days before the start of the application phase

The formal requirements for writing a thesis/seminar paper and information on the scope/length of a thesis/seminar paper can be found here.

At the moment it is not possible to supervise external doctoral theses.

The crediting of achievements is only possible within the framework of an official application for recognition of study and examination achievements. This application must be submitted exclusively to the examination office with the necessary documents (see application). If you have any questions regarding crediting, please contact the Dean's Office or Mrs. Yvonne Homeyer directly.

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