Theses - Offered theses

The topics offered represent only a selection of the topics available. For capacity reasons, not all topics can be covered at the same time. Some topics can be worked on both as a Bachelor's and Master's thesis.

If special knowledge is required for the thesis, this does not necessarily have to be available in advance, but can also be acquired during the time of the thesis. However, this leads directly to a considerable increased workload.

Applications for a thesis in the winter term (summer term) can be submitted between 01.08 and 31.08 (01.03 and 31.03). The offered topics will be published or updated a few days before the start of the application phase.

Proposals for topics related to asset management will also be accepted (Supervisor: Schwarz).

Offered Theses

Investors risk preferences and the effect of rare events

Bachelor Thesis Business Administration



  • Malmendier, Ulrike, and Stefan Nagel, 2011, Depression babies: Do macroeconomic experiences affect risk-taking?Quarterly Journal of Economics126, 373–416.
  • Guiso, L., Sapienza, P., Zingales, L., 2011. Time Varying Risk Aversion. WorkingPaper, National Bureau of Economic Research, p. 2-52.
  • Hertwig Ralph, Barron Greg, Weber Elke U , Erev Ido. Decisions from Experience and the Effect of Rare Events in Risky Choice, Psychological Science , 2004, vol. 15, p. 534-539.


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